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Finance and its relation with Marketing

The main objective of a marketing department is to sell goods and satisfy needs of the customers. Marketing includes the development of the product, promotion of that product and its distribution activities. The importance of financein marketing is explained in Finance Assignment Help Online. To perform all these activities, the marketing department needs money to pay salesmen, for advertisements and other promotional activities. Sometimes, finance department rejects the money asked by the marketing department. It will create confliction due to different perceptions. In order to avoid conflict, a healthy and good relationship must be maintained between both the departments. When the marking department gets big order to supply goods, then the finance department must help by arranging money for buying raw materials so that the production can be started without any delay. Finance and Marketing are related to each other in several ways.
Finance and its relation with Production:
The main ob…

Five ways to secure high marks in Finance Assignment Help

Nursing Assignment Help: Knowledge in nursing is quite important in determining the quality of healthcare and improvement of educational preparation. A complete explanation about nursing is given in Nursing Assignment Help. Nursing knowledge originates from various bases such as research and evaluation in science, understanding at a personal level and other experiences. With the help of inquiries at regular intervals, scientific knowledge is developed and this knowledge can be used in the nursing practice. Learning at own personal level also helps in understanding more about the knowledge in nursing to a great extent. Nursing knowledge is very much important to create the awareness regarding the personal and professional accountability. The aspects of patient care and health care largely depends on the knowledge of nursing practice.
There are various sources of knowledge in nursing which is mentioned below: -
·Scientific Knowledge- this type of source makes a very significant and essent…