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Finance can be referred to as the study of investments that includes the knowledge of both the assets and liabilities. More details can be found out on Finance Assignment Help. This tends to happen under different conditions of uncertainties and risks. Basically, all the money is managed through finance and hence finance is most often called money management.

There are many areas of finance out of which some are enlisted below:-

·         Financial Position- This is in relation to getting the idea of the personal resources that are available by evaluating the net worth and cash flows. Net worth can be referred to as a person’s balance sheet that is calculated by adding all the assets that come under that person’s control and then we subtract this by all the liabilities of the household. The analysis of these parameters allows one to establish personal jails and act accordingly.

Adequate protection- This area gives us an idea regarding the protection of a household from unforeseen risks. There are some categories of these kinds of liabilities. These are- liability, property, death, disability, long-term care and health. Out of these liabilities, many are required to purchase an insurance contract. Efficient financial management requires to protect one from these risks and to handle these risks in an efficient manner. Knowledge of market for personal insurance is required which determines the amount of insurance to get.

Characteristics and Features of Nursing

Nursing can basically be described as a profession with a lot of compassion. It can be referred to as a job of both art and science that involves both the heart and mind. More data about nursing can be found out in Nursing Assignment Help. There is a difference in each of the nurse’s passions, knowledge, strengths, and area of expertise. It is quite a unique experience that a nurse goes through. While attending a patient, the test results are not the only thing that the nurses analyze. Rather they use their judgment to analyze and connect the objective data with the subjective experience.

There are many important characteristics and features of nursing which are given below:-

·         Empathy- Hospital is not a happy place and nobody really wishes to be there. So the patients more often than not experience a whole lot of traumatic situations. They get stressed out and at that point of time all they need is someone to empathize and it’s the nurse’s job not to treat them as some sort of burden. A nurse’s job requires her to put herself in the patient’s shoes and provide them with all the emotional and mental support they require.

  • Adaptability- Every day is not the same for a nurse since she has to attend to different kinds of patients’ altogether. And that demands a huge sense of adaptability. A nurse has to be proactive and flexible with her skills. This profession demands the nurses to be ready for all sorts of outcomes and act accordingly.

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